Robin Newman(non-registered)
Amazing pictures. My favorites are the animals in Africa, your puppy and your chopper. Very talented!!
Jan Davis(non-registered)
Amazing, amazing, amazing!!. Of course it's hard to pick a favorite, until I got to the Waterfalls. Thank you for sharing.
Adam bieneman
You have a good Talent
Bruce Ullom(non-registered)
Ha Ha Ha
Wonderful job organizing your photos, great way to remember and share your trips around the world
Jan Davis(non-registered)
OOH! I've been wanting to see your pictures of this trip. I just knew they would be amazing! I knew I would get a true sense of what you captured. Thanks for sharing & I wasn't let down. You captured so many things in Vietnam/Cambodia. There is nothing like seeing this through the eyes of people you admire!! Travel on!
Joe & Theresa DiCarlo(non-registered)
Great meeting you two tonight at Tammy's! Thanks for the link.
Great cruise photos. They almost make me feel like I was sitting at the table. Keep up the good work Chuck.
Btw nice tux
It doesn't suck! Seriously, nice layout. Good job. I'm with Fred. Thanks for including Kathy and I. Certainly we can add some more pictures of our wine adventures together. Soon.
Fred Fay(non-registered)
Finally got around to taking a look and glad I did! Awesome!! Easy to move around and see all the pics you want. Even found myself.........Thanks for the invite...
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