Robin Newman(non-registered)
Amazing pictures. My favorites are the animals in Africa, your puppy and your chopper. Very talented!!
Jan Davis(non-registered)
Amazing, amazing, amazing!!. Of course it's hard to pick a favorite, until I got to the Waterfalls. Thank you for sharing.
Adam bieneman
You have a good Talent
Bruce Ullom(non-registered)
Ha Ha Ha
Wonderful job organizing your photos, great way to remember and share your trips around the world
Jan Davis(non-registered)
OOH! I've been wanting to see your pictures of this trip. I just knew they would be amazing! I knew I would get a true sense of what you captured. Thanks for sharing & I wasn't let down. You captured so many things in Vietnam/Cambodia. There is nothing like seeing this through the eyes of people you admire!! Travel on!
Joe & Theresa DiCarlo(non-registered)
Great meeting you two tonight at Tammy's! Thanks for the link.
Great cruise photos. They almost make me feel like I was sitting at the table. Keep up the good work Chuck.
Btw nice tux
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